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Win Listings With Single Property Websites For Real Estate

By September 4, 2012October 4th, 2012Uncategorized

If you really want to step up, stand out and win more listings, consider going into a listings presentation with a website already designed for the prospect’s property.  It costs you nothing to set up single property site for demonstration and charges only begin once the website is made active.  You can either set it up yourself through the wizard with no charge or if you’re busy, we can do the setup for a one-time $5o setup charge.  You can purchase a custom domain name for the website and show your prospect how you will make their individual property stand out.

Once the website goes live, the pricing is very affordable. It is hosted at $15 per month on a month-to-month basis.

Here are some of the Marketing Features of each Single Property Website:

  • Single Property Website URLs
    • Property Address URL included for free (e.g.
    • Easy to get a domain name if you wish – or use your own
    • Short-URLs (for twitter etc) created for free
    • Unbranded virtual tour links auto-generated
    • Use your OWN domain name if you wish
  • Enhanced Lead Capture Service
    • 1-800 Call Capture
    • Recorded Information hotline – delivered with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system
    • Text Message instant flyer delivery and lead capture
    • Click to Call on every property website\
  • Mobile Property Websites
    • Auto-generated Mobile Website for Smart Phone and other devices
    • QR Codes automatically generated
    • Ability to configure QR code
  • Curbside
    • Optional Sign Rider has QR Code, IVR, Call Capture, Multi-color
  • Marketing and Promotion
    • Automated listing syndication to over 40 real estate portals including Trulia, Zillow and more
    • Automated CRAIGSLIST multi-posting
    • Twitter automated Tweet option
    • Enhanced SEO applied to every site
    • Options to customize SEO TITLE and META tags
    • QR code (with multiple options) automatically generated
    • Sold sites stay LIVE for free so providing you with substantial SEO backlink benefits for many months and years.
    • Promote OPEN HOUSE details
  • Extended Listing Distribution and Promotion
    • Present your listings dynamically anywhere with multiple property listing widgets for easy placement on your BLOG or other sites
    • Multi-listing, Feature listing and Map Widgets
    • Twitter Integration
    • Facebook Integration
  • Virtual Tour Links
    • Automated PICTURE PATH links
    • MLS compliant Unbranded virtual tour links
  • Call Capture / Lead Capture
    • Automatic Syndication to over 40 real estate portals
    • Enhanced SEO applied to every site
    • Option to customize SEO META tags
    • All leads captured in Lead Center, Sent as EMAIL and can also be sent as SMS TXT alerts

    Contact us today to set up your first single property real estate website.