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Redesigning Long-Time Clients’ Websites

By February 1, 2017February 2nd, 2017Uncategorized

Nothing says ‘we love the job you do for us’ better than our long-time clients coming back to us and asking for us to upgrade their real estate websites to the latest design and functionality.  What’s great is that we’ve had many of our clients long enough to have done this 2 or 3 times for them.  The Flo Newman team in The Woodlands, Texas is a recent example of this.  They have been clients of ours since October of 2006!

In almost 11 years a lot has changed in the world of real estate website design!  From the rise in activity on mobile devices to the proliferation of social media accounts, all of this needed to be added to help them show any would-be prospects that they are professional and web-savvy, ready to serve in that capacity for them.

Flo Newman

The Old Website