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How to Launch a Successful Real Estate Website

By March 16, 2016June 12th, 2016Uncategorized

A website is indeed a favorable way to identify and communicate conveniently with clients from both near and distant places. However, before launching your real estate website for online recognition, here are some tips that you should follow for successful traffic.

A successful website starts well before the initial launch day.  No matter how “awesome” or “cool” your website concept may be, if it does not maintain a user-friendly interface then it will fail to gain much attention from prospective clients.  You should keep in mind that most users are in favor of simplicity rather than complexity.  Creating a simple, professional, and convenient website theme, creates ease-of-use and understanding from active users.

In addition, website analytics (such as Google Analytics) should be installed to trace the future behavior of your prospects and measure the use of the site, itself .  This information is very helpful for identifying any adjustments needed after launching your website.  Aside from a necessary web tool used for measurement, you should also test the site for possible errors or bugs prior to your official targeted launch date.

Website Launch Day

Determining the right day to launch your website is crucial for initial online visibility.  Considering a date and time to launch your website should parallel the readiness of the design and maximize its exposure to online traffic.  This would suggest utilizing a well-researched date where website traffic is high.

Aside from timing, you should also consider some pre-launch activities.  Two methods to actively promote your website are the use of current clients and social media avenues. Using such outlets to generate a level of awareness further allows for initial traffic, use, and familiarity.  Use your launch day as an opportunity to take advantage of your current marketing resources.  Excitement potentially creates more leads.

Post Launch

Following the launch of your website, the subsequent month is a period usually served as the evaluation for initial success.  This is an opportunity to truly monitor your site traffic, activity, and determine any necessary changes needed.  Post launch should allow for further activities to increase website use and exposure.   The application of promotions, diverse landing pages, and back-links can help grow the recognition and traffic of your website.  These activities can help boost the traffic towards your real estate website.