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Creating Local SEO Content for Your Small Business (by Benjamin Ehinger)

By March 8, 2016Uncategorized

Local businesses owners can take advantage of higher ranking with good SEO content. It’s a bit tricky to provide the right type of content giving your readers plenty of value, while balancing your content for the search engines. In addition, as a local business, you won’t have nearly as large of a pool of topics compared to a worldwide business.

Often, local businesses miss the mark and provide boring content their readers don’t want. Here are some of the ways you can make sure your local content fits the SEO necessities of the major search engines and still engages your audience.

Are you Writing for the Right Audience?

If you don’t know your audience, you may be alienating them without even knowing it. Most local businesses don’t really know their audience when it comes to online content. This is the first step and doing a little research to really understand who your audience includes will help with creating content.

Once you know your audience, you can write for that specific type of person. It’s much different if your audience is women and men over the age of 50 enjoying an active lifestyle compared to teenagers looking to attend college in the near future. If you don’t know your audience, you may not be creating good, quality content for your local website.

Use Your Blog Properly

Too often local businesses start a blog and they forget about it a few weeks later. Occasionally, they will write something short when they want to announce a sale or they want to share company information. However, this type of content doesn’t allow you to use your blog properly.

Your customers don’t care about the fact that your company is celebrating an anniversary or has a new employee. They care about what benefits them. If you sell home security systems, they care about what you offer that can benefit them, not the new guy you hired to handle installations.

Your blog doesn’t need to contain content only focused on local keywords. Even though you should include these keywords whenever they fit naturally, you can post about general topics with tips or how-to style articles perfect for your readers. This type of content not only engages the reader, but it also becomes very sharable on social media.

Mix Local Topics with Broad Interest

An excellent example of how to properly engage readers, while gaining local search ranking is seen in many real estate blogs across the country. When these blogs do more than just provide an occasional update on the market, they have a change to become very powerful.

Some of the best real estate blog will include local interest posts about restaurants, stores, things to do and community events. However, they will also mix in broad topics, such as first time home buyer tips, staging tips, decoration ideas and other broad interest topics related to real estate.

Providing a mixture of broad and local topics gives you a balance your readers will love. You will be able to provide more value and plenty of excellent topics to keep both the reader and the search engine engaged with this type of strategy.

Often, you will be too busy to write blog content yourself. However, you do have the option to hire somebody skilled in providing great content for your blog. Hiring a good writer can help you build an online presence in your local market and gain more customers today and for the long term.


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