Web Marketing

A Website…And A Plan To Use It!

For some, a professional online introduction is not all they are looking for.  For that reason, we offer a complete online marketing solution to our clients who are interested in help with that.  It’s becoming increasingly more efficient with current technology to look at your professional real estate website as an online hub in a broader plan to generate additional business through online marketing.  With greater efficiency and broader reach, a solid web marketing solution can save you an incredible amount of time over traditional methods of marketing your services.

For many, the only thing stopping them is finding affordable tools, guidance and implementation help in setting up a well thought out plan.  We can help you build such a plan centered around the four facets of a strong online marketing system:

A Professionally Built Website – As mentioned before, it all starts and ends here.  From the first impression, to a continuing presence with your prospects, your marketing plan should be focused here.  It’s a central, inexpensive and dynamic communication tool for your audience to get messages and information that they are seeking.

A Proactive Marketing System – Having the perfect place to communicate with your prospects, isn’t as impressive as it sounds if not very many of them get to it.  You can wait for them to react to marketing that you may have out there among everyone else’s (signs, brochures, business cards, etc.) or we can help you get more proactive in getting to them and bringing them to you and your website.  We accomplish this through SEO, Blog and Social outreach, Email Campaigns and other automated marketing strategies that can be implemented quickly and attended to with a minimum of your own effort.

A Lead Capturing System – Once they are there, do you know it?  Do they stick around long enough to find out who you are, and do they let you know who they are?  Do they give you enough information to identify and reach out to them personally?  These are questions that we can help you get a ‘yes’ answer to.  Using calls to action (email alerts, saved property searches, requests for showings and further information, pop-ups, sales IQ and chat), we can proactively get them to respond to you and give you the information you are seeking.  This is when a visitor becomes a lead.

A Lead Nurturing System – Some leads are ready now for immediate contact.  Others are not…but will be.  Your plan is not complete if you have a lead but don’t have a way to recognize their current interest level and either reach out to them now, or stay in touch with them until they are ready.  We can help you identify who to reach out to and how to do it.  And then we can help you stay in front of them until the time is right.

To recap, ranging from just a professional online presence to help you stand out, to a complete web marketing system that will allow you to 1) communicate who you are, 2) allow you find and bring in interested prospects, 3) help you to identify and know who they are, and 4) give you tools to reach out to them;  we would love to work with you to accomplish your goals!